2 Kegs, Secondary Panel with Manifold # 83215-EAM

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Beer Gas Regulator Panel Features

  • Secondary regulator, beer and air hoses for kegs, all on one easy mount panel
  • Two product gas manifold
  • UL Listed
  • Pre-taped pipe plug and two hose barbs included
  • Forged brass and die cast for durability, accurate machining
  • Stainless steel valve seats for high corrosion resistance
  • Stainless steel inlet filter
  • Constant pressure supply at high output flow rates


    Type Secondary Regulator - CO2 or Mixed Gas
    Performance Single Pressure / 2 Kegs
    Manifold 2 product
    Inlet Barb 3/8" O.D. ( Both Sides )
    Output Pressure Gauges 0-60 PSI, for accurate keg pressure
    Gas Outlet Barbs 3/8" O.D. with shut-off
    Integral PRV For safety: pressure relief valve releases at 51-53 PSI
    Gas Hose 8' of 5/16" I.D. Red Vinyl
    Installation Wall mount panel, pre-drilled holes
    Wall Bracket 3/8" I.D. Stainless Steel
    Jumper Hose 8' of 3/8" I.D. Clear Vinyl Hose with Connections
    Beer Outlet Nipple Not included