BeerBlast Nitrogen Generator - 7 kegs/hour # N2-GEN-7KPH-MM

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BeerBlast Nitrogen Generator with Gas Blender—Peak Demand 7 kegs/hour.
  • The system creates up to two different blends of gas, one blend for lagers and the other for nitrogenated beers. The blends produced by BeerBlast are extremely accurate and provided on demand
  • BeerBlast technology yields higher flow rates, enhanced nitrogen purity and efficiency no other generator can deliver
  • Increases profits, eliminates over or under—carbonation and improves draft beer quality
  • BeerBlast is designed to detect beer gas leaks before they become catastrophic


Type Nitrogen Generator (Wall Mount)
Capacity 7 Kegs per Hour
Nitrogen Purity 99.8% (Beverage Grade)
Compressor Integeral & Oil-free
Cabinet Dimensions 30"H x 13" W x 10" D
Weight 85 lbs.
Electrical 110 VAC, 15 AMPS
Ambient Operating Temperature 35°-95°F
Filtration 0.01 micron
Listed UL 508A