Blower Assembly - 51 CFM with Bracket # ES-60-2A

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For effective cooling up to 15' from refrigerated cooler.


Large air blowers (51, 131, and 273 CFM) are intended for use only in large commercial grade refrigeration units or walk—in coolers. This is because such blowers are large in size, and they generate considerable heat which residential grade and small commercial grade refrigerators simply do not have the cooling capacity to overcome.



# of Products 2-4
CFM 51
Volts 115, 60 Hz, Single Phase
Amps .23 full load
Certification CE
Length of Run 15 ft. Max
W/Vinyl Adapter Fits 2" Flex Tubing
Dimensions 9-3/4" Wide x 7-1/2" Deep x 8-1/2" Height