Counter Top Mounted Glass Rinser # MM-5821

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Add the improved hygiene and dispense features of a glass rinser to any bar with this counter top mount model. Unlike competitors, the tray is constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel for durable long-lasting performance. The water rinser and glass actuator are robust metal and stainless steel construction also.

Easily condition the glass the moment before dispensing:

  • Rinse away any impurities that might be in the glass.
  • Chill the glass utilizing cold water.
  • A wetted glass pours better.

The setup for a perfect glass of draft beer. Impress your guests with the art of draft beer dispensing! They'll all know you care about the beer when the glass is rinsed and conditioned before the beer is dispensed.

Rinser Water Inlet Installation:

  • Always check local plumbing codes first.
  • Install in-line water regulator set at 15 PSI from the street water supply (no greater, perfect operating pressure).
  • Install in-line one way check valve from the street water supply (prevents pressure drop which can cause leaking).
  • Install in-line shutoff for the rinser system from the street water supply (this must be turned off nightly).
  • If teed into soda system make sure system can handle the increased water demand. Have plumber install a 45° 1/2" O.D. barb for the drains if line is not hard plumbed into the system.
  • Install a shutoff for the water supply if line is not hard plumbed into the system


    Overall Dimensions 6-3/8"L x 6-3/8"W x 3/4"H
    Glass Rinser Area 4-1/2
    Series Type Counter Top Mount
    Material 18 Gauge Stainless Steel
    Drain Threaded Brass 3-1/2" x 5/8" x 18
    Drain Hose Connection 1/2" flat barb
    Water connection External-1/2' BSP (standard plumbing connection)