GEN-X Trunk Line - 1/4" ID 10 Products w/ 2 Glycol Lines # CDI1042-BF

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The next step in flavor protection: GEN-X® Tubing

Micro Matic, the industry leader introduces the next generation of beverage tubing. GEN-X® is engineered to have an exceptional gas barrier layer along with outstanding hygienic quality. Independent testing and in-field performance have found GEN-X® superior. Nylon was selected as the inner layer due to its ultra-smooth surface. A barrier layer is co-extruded within the tube wall to stop gas permeation and preserve the beverage aroma and flavor. GEN-X® is ideal for protection against cross migration of flavors.

GEN-X® ensures no loss of CO2 from the beer or wine and practically eliminates any O2 ingress into the beverage tube that could promote bacteria growth and off-taste.

TUBE CO2 Permeation O2 Permeation
Polyethylene 12 4
Brewmaster 2 3 1
GEN-X® 0.14 0.05

Micro Matic Beverage Trunk Line Features

  • Economically priced per foot and cut to length per order
  • Available in lengths up to 328'
  • In stock (check for availability) for prompt shipment
  • NSF tubing
  • Color coded lines for easy identification

More Beverage Trunk Line Features

  • Food Quality barrier film prevents condensation from compromising insulation.
  • Aluminum foil wrap conducts cold transfer from glycol lines to product lines.

Note: Trunkline is cut to order and Non-Returnable.


Product Use Beer and/or Wine Applications
Configuration 10 Products Lines and 2 Glycol Lines
Products Lines 1/4" I.D. Brewery Approved GEN-X® Tubing
Glycol Lines 1/2" I.D. Polyethylene Tubing
Diameter 3-1/4"
Restriction Per Foot .30 Lbs.
Max temp 100 degrees
Moisture Barrier Wrap Food Quality barrier film
Cold Transfer Wrap Aluminum foil wrap
Insulation 3/4” (19 mm) closed cell
Barrier Jacket Patented Black Diamond® Jacket
Certification FDA and NSF
Fire Rating Flame retardant Class 1