Kronos - 6 304 Faucet Draft Tower, Glycol, Wall Mount w/ Glass Rinser # KRONOS-6SSKRGR

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Save space and serve cold beer with our new wall mount draft tower – Kronos! The brushed stainless steel finish with polished stainless steel faucets provide an eye-catching, hygienic stage for "What's on tap!" The drain is hidden behind a brushed stainless steel skirt for a clean appearance.

Installation Suggestions with Kronos

  • Direct Draw – Through the Wall Dispensing. Beer will warm up in the wall space between the interior of the walk-in cooler and the exterior. Guarantee your first pour is cold by utilizing a power pack to circulate cold glycol around the shanks at the point of dispense
  • Long Draw – Remote Dispensing. If there is limited space on the bartop or even the back bar consider the Kronos wall mount dispenser
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Perfect for Modular Multi-Faucet Installations

Kronos makes for excellent modular multi-faucet installations. For example: combine two 10 faucet Kronos for a show stopping 20 faucet draft beer station. Simply plumb the glycol from one station to the other and tie the plumbing together behind the hidden skirt.

Rinser Water Inlet Installation

  • Always check local plumbing codes first
  • Install in-line water regulator set at 15 PSI from the street water supply (no greater, perfect operating pressure)
  • Install in-line one way check valve from the street water supply (prevents pressure drop which can cause leaking)
  • Install in-line shutoff for the rinser system from the street water supply (this must be turned off nightly)
  • If teed into soda system make sure system can handle the increased water demand. Have plumber install a 45° 1/2" O.D. barb for the drains if line is not hard plumbed into the system
  • Install a shutoff for the water supply if line is not hard plumbed into the system


Model Type Wall Mount Draft Tower
Dispense System Glycol Cooled (Kool-Rite integrated module)
Faucets 6 - 304 Stainless Steel (Knobs not included, order seperately)
Faucet Spacing 3" center to center
Connection (Product) 1/4" O.D. Stainless Steel tubes with tapered barb 1/4"-3/8"
Connection (Glycol) 3/8" O.D. Copper tubes with 3/8" barb fitting
Back Plate Dimensions 18" Wide x 17-1/4" High
Integrated Glass Rinser Drip Tray 18" Wide x 9-1/2" Deep