Slide-On Lock, 304 Faucet # 23-41-304

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An easy way to prevent unauthorized pouring of your beer! Simply slide the lock onto model 304 or 304G beer faucet, and then lock the faucet into the closed position.


  • Body is a heavy duty aluminum casting
  • Locks keyed the same to eliminate the need for multiple different keys
  • Easiest faucet lock to use

Note: Lock will only fit 304 or 304G beer faucets. Will not fit standard or specialty faucets such as TurboTap, stout type faucets or European style faucets. Do not over tighten. Only a snug fit is required. (Over tightening can cause the lock to bind and to become jammed)


Application Fits 304 & 304G Faucets
Lock Type Slide-On
Material Aluminum