Slide-On Lock, Standard US Faucet # 23-41

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An easy way to prevent unauthorized pouring of your beer! Simply slide the lock onto your beer faucet, and then lock the faucet into the closed position.


  • Body is a heavy duty aluminum casting
  • Locks keyed the same to eliminate the need for multiple different keys
  • Easiest faucet lock to use

Note: Lock will fit standard beer and wine faucets. Will not fit specialty faucets such as TurboTap®, Stout type faucets, European style faucets or the Flow Control Faucet, and also some Perlich faucets. Do not over tighten. Only a snug fit is required. (Over tightening can cause the lock to bind and to become jammed and/or snap)


    Application Fits Standard Beer and Wine Faucets
    Lock Type Slide-On with 5/8" spout opening
    Material Aluminum