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CBG Draft Services is North Carolina's premier commercial draft beer and wine install and maintenance company. We specialize in projects big and small, whether it's updating an existing draft system or creating custom systems to meet any beer or wine lovers' needs. CBG is an authorized, trained, and certified Micro Matic company that keeps up with the latest trends and technology available in the draft beverage industry. We also work with multiple distributors and breweries to clean, maintain, and ensure that every pint tastes and pours just as the brewer intended.



If you can dream it, we can build it.

No seriously, we can put a tap just about anywhere. From rusty old fire hydrants to shiny new draft towers, we use the best tools and materials to make your draft beverage dreams come true.


Let us clean your taps and lines to keep your beverages tasting fresh! 

We follow guidelines set by the Brewers Association for draft line cleaning to make sure we clean your beverage lines the right time, every time.


Draft systems break > You call us > We fix them > You profit  

From the tap to the keg, we want to ensure your draft system operates properly and every pour is a perfect pour.