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CBG can provide you with custom draft system designs to fit your space, budget needs, and plans for growth. We do installs in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia, so give us a call wherever you're located

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Draft Systems

Systems We Install:

Learn more by inquiring about which system will best fit your needs!

If possible, please have an idea of the number of taps, estimated time frame, and the distance from keg to glass.

Direct Draw Draft System

*Most efficient cooling and dispensing method
*Used with walk-in cooler located directly behind faucet

Air-Cooled Draft System

*Best for runs up to 25 feet from keg to faucet
*Blower circulates walk-in cooler air temperature from keg to faucet

Glycol-chilled Long Draw Draft System

*Beer line runs from 25 to 500 feet from keg to faucet
*Glycol is used to keep beer cool as it travels from keg to faucet

Jockey Box

Ideal for temporary service often used at single day events or festivals

Special Event

Inquire about options to fit your event needs such as portable bars and draft beer trailers

Wine on Draft

*Available for sparkling, red, rosé, and white wines
*Perfect for by the glass
*Reduces waste and ensures freshness


Available in multiple sizes to accommodate the number and size of kegs